CAG’s New Start-up Venture in, is progressing in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, March 3, 2023 – CAG and its partners are actively progressing new venture to help address the food security issues with technology-based solutions.

Recently, MyLembu platform has been shortlisted by Sidec – Selangor Information Technology and Digital Economy Corporation for their Top E-Commerce Merchant Award 2023! being an innovative agro-retail business platform; Mylembu’s members are growing in Malaysia and some friends from Singapore, Borneo and Australia.



We have to emphasize on the objective of Mylembu in bringing agro-produce closer to the end-consumer.

1. New innovative concept of Livestock ownership
2. Direct supply of quality produce from the farm to the table
3. Model of income generation based on Musharakah concepts
4. Client-friendly flexible Qurban program
5. The most important outcome of Mylembu to assisting in Food Security for the local community

Mylembu is organizing an affordable Qurban program for local community – Where everyone can qurban affordably in everywhere and we have a positive discussion and support from our business associates and for potential collaboration with Surau Al-Barakah, Bank Rakyat:

1. Mohd Hanafiah Mohd Nawawi (Vice President of Shariah (Non-Banking Operations)
2. Wan Mohd Nahar Bin Othman (Manager, Waqf, Umrah & Qurban)
3. Abdul Hakim Bin Abdul Rahman (Executive, Hal Ehwal Islam (Iman), Shariah Development & Awareness)

Our business associates of MYLEMBU VENTURES to facilitate marketing and promotional activities, as per list below;

1. Datuk Mohamad Azmi Bin Sabtu (DPSM, BCM, BKT, PPN, PJK) (Chief Executive Officer of Melaka International College of Science and Technology (MiCoST)
2. Datuk Nadzim Johan AKA Toqqi (President of Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM)
3. Noor Afandi Bin Hasan (Chief Executive Officer of Pembangunan Pertanian Melaka Sdn Bhd)
4. Abdul Hakim Bin Abdul Wahid (General Manager of Melaka Halal Hub Sdn Bhd)

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