CAG in Malaysia: Facilitating another renewable energy project with NORINCO International and local Malaysian company

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), March 22, 2023 – CAG has conducted meeting with NORINCO International of potential exploration on Renewable Power plant projects in Malaysia, who indicated their interest in developing renewable energy project in this region. Parties had acknowledged Malaysia is considered to be on average level in Southeast Asia, that its renewables efforts have seen “steady growth but not superfast”.

However, Malaysia is expected to double renewable capacity from 6 GW to 14 GW, rising from 18% to 30% of the generation mix, it is clear that large-scale solar (LSS) investment remains a major technical and financial opportunity for Malaysia.

CAG team is proud and honored to be in position to promote another energy project in the steady growth country of Malaysia. We thank all our local associates for their full hearted support and professional assistance. We hope with joint efforts we could do our bit in helping private sector of Malaysia to be committed to its target of becoming a carbon-neutral nation by as early as 2050.

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