CAG’s New Start-up Venture in,Livestock Farming Agro-Tech Center in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – CAG and its partners are actively conducting new venture to help address food security issues with technology-based solutions., we are an Agro-Tech Farming for the livestock farming on behalf of our members of MyLembu. You, as our member can name, own and meet your own cattle, which will grow on our land. We will take care of everything from shelter, raising, feeding, medical care, 24/7 security, and sale of fully grown cattle on your behalf either by form of Qurban or Halal meat.

Our farm is a boutique agro-tech center that cares for a Happy Cattle to produce a Healthy Meat and deliver to corner of Malaysia, Singapore and rest of South East Asia.

MyLembu is a unique model, which makes a smart contract farming and cattle ownership traceability available for everyone in Malaysia, Singapore and entire South East Asian region. Our platform allows you to own cattle and earn cashback under musharakah concept which means “Sharing”. We create a sustainable cattle farming by growing your own cattle and by selling the final product at the local and international markets on your behalf at premium. In our business model your money grows with every cattle grown with us.

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), among others, is conducting on grass breeding methods and multi-nutrient block supplement for ruminants, for example the production of new varieties of Napier grass with higher protein content as the main food of livestock such as cattle and our cattle raised on a primarily foraged diet are termed grass-fed and meat to be called grass-fed beef.

Mylembu’s platform give us the opportunity to expand our operations with new team members in Pahang and the northeast region of Malaysia.

Please join us at and to be part of Mylembu’s family!

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